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The Student Life Network is giving away the best prize pack in Canadian student history.  It starts with $20k for school and five Dell XPS Ultrabooks to share with friends. 

Register to win at: http://luckie.st/Pokwls  Canadian students 13+ only.

Too freaking cute!

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Too cute again :P <3

Too cute again :P <3

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Too cute :)

Too cute :)

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Aha I love Supernatural :)

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5 Months since my last post? O_o

Wow! Has it really been 5 months since I’ve gone on my tumblr? THAT’S SO SAD!

Anyways! Hey all! Hope life is treating you well :) and for all you Canadians out there HAPPY THANKSGIVING WEEKEND!

So what’s been going on in my life so far? Well…LOTS! Lets get the ball rolling on updates shall we? Well I had a pretty easy going summer. Tried getting a job so I could earn some money for university but no one wanted to hire me (so sad :( ) However! Our house that was up for sale SOLD in July! Which was totally exciting! 2 Weeks later we found a house that was almost perfect and we bought it. A week later the deal fell through because there was TONS of work to do on the house and it would be a pain in the ass. So then we were back to looking. I spent the rest of the summer just relaxing, spending time with friends, family, and my awesome boyfriend and at the end of the summer I got a Macbook AND my family got a new house! This house has everything we wanted! A wood burning fireplace, a pool!!!!, huge rooms, a spare room!, and IT’S A TUTOR! (well foe ;) ) Which is a total bonus!

Here’s a picture!

We move in just 3 WEEKS! On Oct 28th! So while I’ve been at University my parents and sister have been busy packing lol. Speaking of University…let the updates continue

So on Sept 3rd I finally moved into residence! Move-in-day was hectic but fun! And of course very emotional. I’ve been at university for over a month now and I’m still loving every moment! I’ve met so many great people and I’m already getting more stressed about mid-terms (AH! 2 WEEKS! O_O) My room is pretty awesome :) it was very dull and boring but after I put all my stuff in it became much brighter!

My Room!

(Pink side is mine, and there’s a door to the left that is our study room)

While at university I found out the school musical which is…..

Drum roll everyone!!!!!

RENT!!!!! That’s right! This year’s musical is Rent! I’m sooooo pumped to audition which is coming up in less then a week! I’m totally prepared for it so lets hope I get in the cast!

Anyways now I’m home for the weekend and relaxing :) It’s so good to be home for the long weekend and able to see everyone! I think I’ve done all my updating :) I’ll make sure it’s not another 5 months before I post again lol


Lots of Love <3


Worst season of Survivor yet? I think so.

For all you fellow Survivor fans like me…

So season 22 of Survivor has ended and I must say I am totally and completely disgusted and disappointed with this season.

I’ve been watching this show since I was 5 years old since season 1 and I have never been this angry with a winner. This is worse than Richard Hatch winning, than Jenna winning, even Brian’s season. There has never been a less deserving winner.

The season didn’t even start off that well. As soon as I found out that Boston Rob and Russel were gonna be on this season I knew it wasn’t gonna be good until both competitors were gone. When Russel’s team threw the challenge and voted him out I thought there was hope yet. Then Russel lost at Redemption Island so I thought that Rob’s team would be smart and blind side him and both would be gone. But Rob decided to brain wash his entire team and make them think that he was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I don’t understand why Peachy (Jeff) and Mark Bernnet think he’s so great. He didn’t deserve to come back this season, or all those other chances. Not to mention the 2 seasons on the Amazing Race. Boston Rob is worse than Johnny Fairplay, and worse than Russel, I would have preferred him to win. Not to mention it took him 4 times to finally win. What about Sandra who played twice and WON twice. Also Parvati who won 2 out of the 3 times she’s played. Aren’t they better players than Boston Rob? Umm yeah? They played the game better and they deserve it better. Rob is just a slimy, controlling, fame whore who wants attention and money

All in All a disappointing season but all I can hope for is Survivor South Pacific (Season 23) 2 returning competitors will NOT be Russel and Rob. Those 2 have had enough chances and Rob finally got his wish and got his million.

Sorry for the rant but if you’re like me and watch Survivor religiously you understand this post.



Hey Guys!

So this week has been pretty awesome :P I decided to check my OUAC site and see if anything was updated about offers to university, annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd there was!

Next year I will be attending University of Guelph for Music and Drama. I will be doing the 4 year honour program and majoring in both :) I am very excited about this!

In total I only applied to 2 university, McMaster and Guelph. I didn’t want to apply to McMaster but my parents suggested I shouldn’t put all my eggs in one basket so I applied to it against my will. McMaster’s Music Program had an audition round and even though I thought it went pretty good all things considering but I didn’t get it. I wasn’t too upset, more just worried I wasn’t gonna get into Guelph, but I did. YAY!

This week was also prom and that was amaaaaaazing :D Everyone looked absolutely gorgeous and everyone had a fun time. I miss it and wish it could have gone longer :(

Just wanted to keep you guys updated :) I’ll post more later


what u takin @ guelph?

Majoring in the Music honours program and Drama as well :) Gonna do a double major


Hey guys! SO I’m off to Italy tomorrow and I’ll be gone till the 21st. Be sure to check out my special Italy Tumblr blog to see Photo’s and see what I’m up too!


Hope you all have a safe and wonderful march break!


Best song ever!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see them perform this!